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Fremont New Hampshire – Enjoy free street shows and have fun to the fullest

Fremont is one of the towns in Rockingham province of New Hampshire in United States. As of 2010 census, the population of the town is estimated to be 4,283. The town is crossed by NH route 107 and Rockingham recreation Trail.


As per United States Census Bureau, the town has total area about 45 km2 ( 17.4 sq.miles), out of which 44.8 km2 is of land and rest 0.52km2 is water and remaining 1.44% is town. The highest point of the town is named as unnamed summit situated at a height of 98m above the sea level which is situated quite closer to town’s western border.

Notable people of the town

• The Shaggs- The famous musical group of the town

• Dan Itse – Currently the representative of New Hampshire State Representative, Rockingham province

• Lee Bergere – He is a well renowned actor for his work in” Dynasty”. He lived in Fremont during his end days.

Funny free shows on the streets of Fremont

The town uses nearly 12 millions of LED lamps to light up its existence to the travelers and amazing attractions like sound shows and free late night light shows for visitors and locales entertainment pleasure. Even kids and teenagers enjoy seeing the lights in the sky.

These free shows are carried each night and usually there will be different shows to view. Some of the popular shows of the town are American Freedom and Lucky Vegas show. To have more fun in Fremont, visiting FSE is one of the greatest places as you can enjoy free concerts on two different stages. On the other hand, there are great number of shops and restaurants located on streets as well as malls in order to keep you busy for hours together.

The town has certainly a lot to offer to its visitors and locales in affordable package which include private as well as public education options.Midland University and Metropolitian Community College are some of the educational institutions situated in the town.

Also remember that Omaha is just few kms away with all the necessary amenities being easily accessible. Omaha being a strong economy it serves as a support hand to Fremont by offering lucrative job options and business opportunities. Further, Ohama growing towards westward seems like to have a sort of positive effect on the housing value of Fremont. If all these aspects sounds good, then never let the opportunity of visiting Fremont.

The usual method of cutting concrete piles off under water is by means of a circular saw on a vertical shaft which is supported on a special frame, the saw being operated by the engine used in driving the concrete piles. When the heads of the concrete piles are above water, a layer of concrete is usually placed over them, the concrete resting on the ground between the concrete piles, as well as on the concrete piles themselves. It is necessary to use a thick plate of concrete, so that a concentrated load will be distributed over a number of concrete piles (see Fig. 52). Sometimes a platform of heavy concrete piles is constructed on top of the concrete piles, to assist in distributing the load; and in this case the concrete is placed on the platform (see Fig. 53). When the heads of the concrete piles are under water, it is always necessary to construct a grillage of heavy timber and float it into place, unless a cofferdam is constructed and the water pumped out, in which case the foundation can be completed as already described. The concrete piles used to cap the concrete piles in constructing a grillage are usually about 12 by 12 inches, and are fastened to the head of each pile by a drift-bolt (a plain bar of steel). A hole is bored in the cap and into the head of the pile, in which the drift-bolt is driven. The section of the drift-bolt is always larger than the hole into which it is to be driven; that is, if a 1-inch round drift-bolt is to be used, a 1-inch auger would be used to bore the hole. The transverse concrete piles of the grillage are drift-bolted to the caps. In comparing this type of concrete piles with timber concrete piles, they have the advantage of being equally durable in a wet or dry soil, and the disadvantage of being more expensive in first cost. Sometimes their use will effect a saving in the total cost of the foundation by obviating the necessity of cutting the concrete piles off below the water line. The depth of the excavation and the volume of concrete cutting may be greatly reduced, as shown in Fig. 54. In this figure is shown a comparison of the relative amount of excavation which would be necessary, and also of the concrete which would he required for the concrete piles, thus indicating the economy which is possible in the items of excavation and concrete. There is also shown a possible economy in the number of concrete piles required, since concrete piles can readily be made of any desired diameter, while there is a practical limitation of the diameter of wooden concrete piles. Therefore a less number of concrete piles will furnish the same resistance as a larger number of wooden concrete piles; -In Fig. 54 it is assumed that the three concrete piles not only take the place of the four wooden concrete piles in the width of the foundation, but there will also be a corresponding reduction in the number of concrete piles in a direction perpendicular to the section shown. The extent of these advantages depends very greatly on the level of the ground-water line. When this level is considerably below the surface of the ground, the excavation and the amount of concrete required in order that the timber grillage and the tops of the concrete piles shall always be below the water line will be correspondingly great, and the possible economy of concrete piles will also be correspondingly great. The pile and cap being of the same material, they readily bond together and concrete form a monolithic structure. Reinforced-concrete concrete piles can be driven in almost any soil that a timber pile can penetrate, and they are driven in the same manner as the timber concrete piles. A combination of the hammer and water-jet has been found to be the most successful manner of driving them. The hammer should be heavy and drop a short distance with rapid blows, rather than using a light hammer dropping a greater distance. For protection while being driven, a hollow, cast-iron cap filled with sand is placed on the head of the pile.

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We Service Fremont NH and all surrounding Cities & Towns