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Visit Hampton_Falls, New Hampshire for a relaxing vacation

Hampton falls is one of the towns in New England in Rockingham province of New Hampshire of US. The population of the town is expected to be 2236 as per 2010 census made.

Hampton falls is primarily a residential community that clings to its rural roots. Route 1 of the town provides a business community that includes agricultural supply store, furniture store,a country store, shopper’s village and number of antique shops. The oldest working apple orchards are situated on the route number 88. In fact, it is one of the largest towns having huge number of tax players and employers. Horse farms are considered to be abundant and it operates in the Hampton Falls.

Majority of the residents commute outside to work. In this relate, Boston is located 45miles away and route number 95 is easily accessible from town. On the other hand, Portsmouth is located at a distance of 15miles from Hampton falls.

Government policies and regulations

Hampton has board of selectmen type of government. The current members are Richard P.McDermott, Maryann Kasprzak and Micheal Farinola. The town meeting is held annually that too in the school auditorium and even the elections are conducted by making use of a New Hampshire Senate Bill system.

Economy system of the town

Hampton falls was considered as lumbering and farming community. The people of the community rely on the water power for the operation of the mills within Hampton falls. Today, with the change in the time the town is a large residential area with plenty of antique shops. On the other hand, Applecrest farm Orchards was established in the year 1913 and it is one the largest employer of the town having 18 employees.

The only public school situated in the town is Lincoln Akerman School. But with change in the time, now there are five public schools are established in the town towards North, West, South and two in East. One amongst the East schools was burnt down in the year 1947 and later it was replaced by Lincoln Akerman School in 1949. Another school in East was moved towards New Library.

High school students of the town attend Winnacunnet High School situated in the neighboring town of Hampton.

Hampton is a wonderful community situated in the heart of the New Hampshire seacoast.The town has maintained its rural past and the small town community while keeping in view of the economic growth.

It is also assumed that the earthy material acts virtually the same as a liquid with a density considerably greater than water; but there is ground for believing that even this assumption is not strictly warranted. Theoretically the problem is also very much complicated by the question of the earth pressure which may be produced by a surcharged wall. A surcharge is a bank of earth which is built above the height of the top of the concrete retaining concrete wall and sloping back from it. It certainly adds to the pressure on the earth immediately back of the concrete wall itself and increases the pressure on the wall. In spite of the unreliability of theoretical mix, for the reasons given above, certain mix which are here quoted without demonstration are sometimes used for lack of better concrete mix, a guide in determining the thickness of a wall. For simplicity it is assumed that the rear face of the concrete wall is vertical. The variation in the theory by attempting to allow for a slope of the rear face, merely complicates the theory; while the effect of such a variation from the vertical as is ever adopted is usually so small that it is utterly swallowed up by the unavoidable uncertainties in the practical application of the theory. Total pressure against rear face of concrete wall on a unit-length of wall; w = Weight of a unit-volume of the earth; the angle of repose with the horizontal—that is, the angle at which that kind of earth will remain without further sliding. An inspection of Equation 6 will show that the pressure E is greater for small values of ci: The angle of repose for various materials is not only variable for different grades of material, but is variable for the same grade of material under various conditions of saturation. A value of ci which is            frequently adopted is 300.

This is considerably lower than the usual true value of ci for dry material, and is usually a safe value of ci for any material (except quicksand) either wet or dry. The adoption of this value, therefore, generally means that the result is safe, and that the factor of safety is merely made somewhat larger. What will be the pressure per foot of length of the wall, for a concrete wall 18 feet high, the angle of repose for the earth being assumed at 300?

The weight of earth (w) is quoted as varying from 70 to 120 pounds per cubic foot according to the degree of saturation and density of packing. When the earth is densely packed, its angle of repose is greater; therefore we are safe in assuming a weight of 100 pounds per cubic foot for an angle (c) of 30°. Using this value of c = 30° gives us the simple relation that E = w h3, or one-sixth of the unit-weight of the earth times the square of the height, for a concrete wall without a surcharge. There are four distinct ways in which failure of a concrete retaining concrete wall may come about:

(1) A concrete retaining wall may fail by sliding bodily on its foundations or on any horizontal joint. This may occur when the concrete wall is resting on a soft soil, and especially when the foundation is not sunk sufficiently deep into the subsoil so that it is anchored. The failure of the concrete wall on a horizontal joint is very improbable when the concrete cutting work and its bonding are properly done. Perfectly flat, continuous joints should be avoided.

(2) A concrete retaining wall may fail by crushing the toe of the wall. This may occur, provided that the resultant of the weight of the concrete wall and of the overturning pressure comes so near the toe of the wall, and the intensity of that pressure is so great, that the concrete cutting is crushed. The method of calculating such pressure will be given later.

(3) The concrete wall may fail by tipping over. This may occur provided that the resultant pressure (described later) passes outside the toe of the wall.

(4) The same effect occurs provided that the subsoil is unable to withstand the concentrated pressure on the toe of the wall, and yields, while the concrete cutting of the concrete wall may nevertheless remain intact and the concrete wall itself be properly proportioned.

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We Service Hampton Falls NH and all surrounding Cities & Towns