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Installing a Bulkhead - Precast Concrete Bulkhead

Affordable Concrete Cutting Southern New Hampshire specializes in cutting openings in concrete foundations for the installation of precast concrete products, bulkhead stairways, stairs and steps from a basement door for egress.

Call 603-622-4441 now for a no obligation, free cost analysis and estimate. Our experienced personnel will show you the right precast concrete stairway and bulkhead for your home, explain to you the installation process, give you an affordable price and if acceptable install your new precast concrete stairway and bulkhead, in most cases as quickly as one day.

Affordable Concrete Cutting Southern New Hampshire Offers Complete Precast Concrete Stairway and Bulkhead Delivery, Installation and Replacement Packages. Unmatched Quality, Price and Service!
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"Specializing in Cutting Doorways and Windows in Concrete Foundations"
Concrete Cutting - Core Drilling - Wall Sawing - Flat Sawing

Installing a Bulkhead

Installing a pre-cast concrete stairway and bulkhead to a basement is quite an easy project for the advanced do-it-yourselfer or anyone that can coordinate a couple of sub contractors. Doing so will add a water tight weather proof emergency egress to your basement that, in many cases, is necessary to comply with local building codes during a basement renovation. Regardless, this newly added basement entrance will add much more function to your home and your basement.

It is probably a good idea for us to explain what precast concrete is. Precast concrete products are simply concrete products that have been mixed, formed and vibrated in a very controlled "plant" type environment and then delivered or trucked to its final destination and installed. Regardless of the fact that some precast concrete products are much thinner than conventional "poured in place" applications does not mean that the precast products are any less durable and they are usually much better quality.

In order to complete this project you are going to need a hole dug, a doorway opening cut into your concrete foundation and the actual precast concrete bulkhead delivered and installed. Your first step is to locate a precast concrete product dealer. A precast concrete dealer can be located in your local phonebook, or better yet, your online yellow pages. Once you have located a reputable precast dealer you then need to visit the precast manufacturer's showroom, which usually consists of a giant outside field full of concrete stairs, bulkheads and culverts. You have to choose the size and style that is right for your project. The price for a standard precast bulkhead will generally include the steel bulkhead cover and the installation.

As soon as you have chosen the right precast concrete stairway and bulkhead for your project, you must be sure to ask the precast concrete product dealer for a worksheet or specification sheet that comes with your particular precast concrete product. This "spec sheet" will tell you how much excavating of the dirt needs to be done and what size doorway the Affordable Concrete Cutting Southern New Hampshire needs to cut into the foundation. The excavating can be done using several different methods. You can dig the hole by hand with a pick and shovel which is quite a lot of work (not recommended), you can rent a small excavator (cost at least $300 a day) from your local tool rental store and use the machine to dig the dirt out or you can call a professional excavation contractor and have them dig the dirt out for you (cost between $300 and $500). We highly recommend hiring a professional excavator for this part of your project. The excavating process will only take a professional less than a few hours. Please Note: Be sure to notify "DIG SAFE" at 1-888-DIG-SAFE and have them come out and locate any hidden underground utilities before you start any digging. Keep in mind that your excavator will have to remove and dispose of about 60% of the dirt that he/she removes from the hole because the precast concrete bulkhead to be installed will take up about that much volume of space. If this is not feasible, you may be able to use this dirt somewhere else on your property or you may be able to give it to one of your neighbors. Either way, fill dirt is a very needed and sought after commodity. Hence the old saying: "Phil Dirt... the most wanted man in America."

Once the hole for your precast concrete bulkhead has been completely dug out and the portion of the foundation that needs to be cut is exposed you need to clearly layout your cut lines with a measuring tape, a bright yellow lumber crayon and a 4' level as instructed on the spec sheet. Now it is time to call Affordable Concrete Cutting Southern New Hampshire and find out what our pricing and availability is (cost is usually $475+/- to cut and drop the piece). We also charge an additional $100 to jack hammer the piece into manageable pieces. In order to avoid the break up cost and disposal hassles, simply have your excavation contractor dig a "grave" for the concrete at the bottom of the dirt hole. This way you can just bury it and save yourself some time, money and maybe a hernia. Remember to schedule a morning appointment with us. You are going to have to coordinate the Affordable Concrete Cutting Southern New Hampshire and the bulkhead installation so that as soon as we are done the concrete stairway and bulkhead are immediately installed. Now you should schedule your precast concrete bulkhead delivery and installation for about 12 noon. Most precast concrete product manufacturers will do the install at no additional cost and/or it will be included in the price.

As soon as your precast concrete stairway and metal bulkhead cover have been successfully installed in your basement you will need to "back fill" or replace the dirt that was removed from the hole by your excavating contractor. This can also be done by hand with a shovel by an experienced "do it yourselfer" or you can make arrangements and have your excavation contractor return once the installation is complete and do the backfilling for you. It is always a good idea to allow this dirt to settle completely before adding your topsoil or planting any grass or flowers. The ground around your new precast concrete stairway and bulkhead should be settled pretty good after several heavy rain showers.

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