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Manchester: A Well Organized City In Almost All Facets In New Hampshire

Manchester is one among the largest cities in the Hillsborough province of New Hampshire State in the United States. It is situated on the banks of the River Merrimack, that separates’ the city into western and eastern sections.


This city covers an area of about 35.0 square miles, of that 1.9 square miles is covered by the water body and 35.0 square miles is covered by the land. This city is drained by the Cohas Brook, River Piscataquog and River Merrimack. On the eastern part of this town is bordered by Massabesic Lake. The greatest point in this city is Wellington Hill, where an elevation attains at the height of about 570 feet above the sea level.

School system handy for the children

When it comes to the matter of public school in this city, it runs by Manchester School District. The Manchester School District incorporates 14 elementary schools, 4 public middle school and the 4 public high schools available at this city are: -

• Manchester High School West

• Manchester High School Central

• Manchester Memorial High School

• Manchester School of Technology

Along with the public school, you can even find the private high school catered for the students of Manchester they are: -

• Holy Family Academy: It is a small Roman Catholic school catering from 7th to 12th grades

• The Derryfield School: It’s a private school that caters education from 6th to 12th grades

• Trinity High School: A Roman Catholic private high school.

Transportation handy for regular passengers

Air: Manchester catered by Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, it is the 3rd largest cargo and 4th largest passenger airport in New England.

Bus: Public transportation facility is offered by the MTA (Manchester Transit Authority) that runs so many bus routes all over the city and adjacent regions. Boston Express and Concord T railways run daily traveler services to Boston as well as other parts New Hampshire State.

Public safety department

This city is safeguarded all over the year by 258 expert, paid firefighters of city of the MFD (Manchester Fire Department). This department is at present commanded by 5 District Chiefs, 2 Deputy Chiefs and a Chief of Department. Fire departments of this city at present functions out of 10 fires stations, situated all over this city and functions a fire apparatus fleet of 10 engines of 1 district chief, one rescue and 5 trucks.

A concrete dot roller or concrete line roller may be employed to relieve the smoothness. At the meeting of the National Cement Users' Association already referred to, the Committee on Sidewalks, Concrete floors, and Streets recommended the following specifications for the top coat: "Three parts high-grade Portland cement and five parts clean, sharp sand mixed dry and screened through a No. 4 sieve. In the top coat, the amount of water used should be just enough so that the surface of the concrete walk can be tamped, struck off, floated, and finished within 20 minutes after it is spread on the bottom coat; and when finished, it should be solid and not quaky." In the January, 1907, Mr. Albert Moyer is discussing the subject of cement concrete sidewalk pavements, gives specifications for monolithic concrete slab for paving purposes. For an example of this construction, he gives the pavement around the Astor Hotel, New York: "As an alternative, and instead of using a top coat, make one concrete slab of selected aggregates for base and wearing surface, filling in between the frames concrete flush with established grade. Concrete to be of selected aggregates, all of which will pass through a f-inch mesh sieve; hard, tough stones or pebbles, graded in size; proportions to be 1 part cement, 21 parts crushed hard stone screenings or coarse sand, all passing a f-inch mesh, and all collected on a f-inch mesh. Tamped to an even surface, prove surface with straight edge, smooth down with float or trowel, and in addition a natural finish can be obtained by scrubbing with a wire brush and water while concrete is 'green,' but after final set." The wearing surface must be protected from the rays of the sun by a covering which is raised a few inches above the pavement so as not to come in contact with the surfaces. After the pavement has set hard you should sprinkle freely with water two or three times a day for a week or more. The cost of concrete side concrete walks is variable. The construction at each location usually requires only a few days work; and the time and expense of transporting the men, tools, and materials make an important item. One of the skilled workmen should be in charge of the men, so that the expense of a foreman will not be necessary. The amount of concrete walk laid per day is limited by the amount of surface that can be floated and finished in a day. If the surfaces do not work overtime, it will be necessary to stop concreting in the middle of the afternoon, so that the last concrete placed will be in condition to finish during the regular working hours. The work of concreting maybe continued considerably later in the afternoon if a dryer concrete is used in mixing the top coat, and only enough water is used so that the surface can be floated and finished soon after being placed. The men who have been mixing, placing, and ramming concrete can complete their day's work by preparing and ramming the concrete foundations for the next day's work. The contract price for a well constructed side concrete walk 4 to 5 inches in thickness, with a granolithic finish, will vary from 15 cents to 30 cents per square foot. The concrete curb is usually built just in advance of the side walk. The concrete foundation is prepared similarly to that of concrete walks. The concrete curb is divided into lengths similar to that of the concrete walk; and the joints between the concrete blocks, and also between the concrete walk and the concrete curb, are made similar to the joints between the concrete blocks of the concrete walk. The concrete is generally composed of 1 part Portland cement, 3 parts sand, and 5 parts stone, although a richer mixture of concrete is sometimes used.

Are You in Manchester New Hampshire? Do You Need Concrete Cutting?

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We Service Manchester NH and all surrounding Cities & Towns