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An Overview Into Merrimack Town In New Hampshire

Merrimack is one of the towns in the Hillsborough province of the New Hampshire State in the United States. It is one among the 8th largest metropolis in this state. In the year 2013, this town was titled gained a 23rd position as a best place to live in the US.

There are totally 4 villages in this town; they are South Merrimack, Reeds Ferry, Thornton’s Ferry and Merrimack Village.


This town covers an area of about 33.4 square miles, of that 0.8 square miles is covered by the water body and 32.6 square miles is covered by the land. The greatest point in this town is an untitled hill in the north western side of Merrimack which attains about 512 feet height above the sea level.

Have a look at the Economy in this town

Brookstone and PC connection are literally based in this town. A Merrimack Canoe Company was begun in this town prior being move to Tennessee. Other well-known workers incorporate BAE Systems, Campers Inn, Anheuser- Busch and Fidelity Investments.

The Merrimack Premium Outlets is established in the year 2012, it covers 560,000-aquare foot retail mall place with almost 12 buildings, parking lots as well as other site enhancements situated off exit 10 of an Everett Turnpike.

Education system offered for Children’s in Merrimack

In this town, you can find around 6 public schools that are handled by Merrimack School District, namely- Merrimack High School, Merrimack Middle School, James Mastricola Upper Elementary School, James Mastricola Elementary School, Reeds Ferry Elementary School and Thorntons Ferry Elementary School.

Merrimack High school has won 1 state championship in baseball, 4 in basketball, 2 in volleyball 4 in outdoor track and 3 in indoor track and many other state championships in several sports activities.

The Academy for science and Design is a charter school; it was established in the 2007-08 academic year. It was initial charter school in New Hampshire state that focus on design, engineering, mathematics and science and the tuition fees is free here.

Annual events

A Rotary Nashua West club has arranged the Rock’N Ribfest every year since from 2003. It was held on the ground of Anheuser-Busch of Merrimack for the past 8 years. A Ribfest is an official site for the NH state barbecue championship; where the judges test the taste of Northeastern part best BBQ’s. More than 30 competitors used to participate in this championship.

A facing, on the part of the concrete sidewalk exposed to wear, on thick finish, will improve the wearing qualities of the Concrete curbing. There are two general types of concrete curb used—a concrete curb rectangular in section, and a combined concrete curb and gutter; both types are shown in Fig. 83. The concrete foundation for either type is constructed in the same manner. Both these types of concrete curb are made in place or molded and set in place like stone concrete curb, but the former method is preferable. A metal corner is sometimes laid in the exposed edge of the concrete curb to protect it from wear. The construction of the rectangular section is a simple process, but requires care to secure a good job. This is usually, about 6 inches wide and from 20 to 30 inches deep. After the concrete foundation has been properly prepared, the forms are set in place. Fig. 84 shows the section of a concrete curb 6 inches wide and 24 inches deep, and the forms as they are often used. The forms for the front and back each consist of three planks 1 inches thick and 8 inches wide, and are surfaced on the side next the concrete. They are held in place at the bottom by the two 2 by 4-inch stakes, and at the top the stakes are kept from spreading by a clamp. A sheet-iron plate inch thick is inserted every 6 feet, or at whatever distance the joints are made. After the 1'x8" concrete has been placed and rammed, and has set hard enough to support itself, the plate and front forms are removed, Forms for constructing and the surface and top are finished smooth with a trowel; the corner being rounded with a concrete edger as shown in Fig. 85. The joint is usually plastered over, and acts as an expansion joint. The forms on the back are not removed until the concrete is well set. If a mortar or granolithic finish is used, a piece of sheet iron is placed in the form 1x6' one inch from the facing, and mortar the sheet iron and the front form and the coarser concrete is placed back of the sheet iron sheet iron is then withdrawn and the two concretes thoroughly tamped. Fig. 86 shows the section of a combined concrete curb and gutter, and the forms that are necessary for its construction. This combination is often laid on a porous soil without any special concrete foundation, with fair results. A 1-inch plank 12 inches wide is used for the back form, and is held in place at the bottom by pegs. The front form consists of a plank 17 by 6 inches, and is held in place by pegs. Before the concrete is placed; two sheet-iron plates, cut as shown in the figure, are placed in the forms, six feet to eight feet apart. After the concrete for the gutter and the lower part of the concrete curb is placed and rammed, a lj-inch plank is placed against these plates and held in Place by screw clamps (Fig. 86). The upper part of the concrete curb is then molded. When the concrete is set enough to stay in place, the front forms and plates are removed, and the surface is treated in the same manner as described for the other type of concrete curb. The cost of concrete curb will depend upon the conditions under which it is made. Under ordinary circumstances, the contract price for rectangular concrete curbing 6 inches wide and 24 inches deep will be about $0.60 per linear foot; or $0.80 per linear foot for concrete curb 8 inches wide and 24 inches deep. Under favorable conditions on large jobs, 6-inch concrete curbing can be constructed for $0.40 or $0.45 per linear foot. These prices include the excavation that is required below the street grade. The cost of the combined concrete curb and gutter is about 1.0 to 20 per cent more than that of the rectangular concrete curbing. In addition to having a larger surface to finish, the combined concrete curb and gutter requires more material, and therefore more work, to construct it. The theory of flexure in reinforced concrete is exceptionally complicated.

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We Service Merrimack NH and all surrounding Cities & Towns