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A Brief Glimpse Into Portsmouth New Hampshire

Portsmouth is one among the cities in the Rockingham province of New Hampshire State in the United States.


Portsmouth covers an area of about 16.8 square miles, of that 1.2 square miles is covered by the water body and 15.6 square miles is covered by the land. This city is drained by Piscataqua River and Sagamore Creek. The greatest point in Portsmouth is at the height of around 110 feet above the sea level, within the Pease International Airport.

This city is literally crossed by New Hampshire Route 33, New Hampshire Route 16, New Hampshire Route 1A, United States Route 4, United States Route 1 and Interstate 95. Portsmouth city is situated approximately 13 miles away from the Dover, New Hampshire towards the northwest, 53 miles away from the Portland, Maine towards northeast and 55 miles away from the Boston towards south.

Economy of Portsmouth

Heinemann USA is located in this city. Prior its dissolution, the Boston-Maine Airways is a regional airline, was also headquartered in this city. Firms with headquarters in this city incorporates frozen yogurt maker Sweet Scoops and packaged software producer Bottom-line Technologies.

Schools and colleges handy for the students of Portsmouth

In this city, you can find the following colleges

• Southern New Hampshire University- It is situated within Portsmouth campus

• Granite State College- It is located at the campus of Portsmouth city and on-site area at Great Bay Community college

• Franklin Pierce University- It is situated within Portsmouth campus

• Great Bay Community College, Community College System of New Hampshire- It is situated within Portsmouth campus

Media amenities

Radio: The residents of this city acquire 3 radio station, namely- WPLA 1380 AM classic country, WHEB 100.3 FM rock formatted and WSCA-LA Portsmouth Community Radio 106.1 FM. Print: the newspaper handy to know about the ins and outs of city is The Wire, The Portsmouth Herald and The New Hampshire Gazette.

Sports: A soccer team called Seacoast United Phantoms is located in this city. It is established in the year 1996, this team plays in USL Premier Development League, the 4th tier if American soccer Pyramid in the northeast part of Eastern Conference.

Recent Development declared by Portsmouth

Portsmouth declared building of 600 space garage, this city’s 2nd downtown parking garage to start in April/May 2017. A 1.9 million dollars project is being design on new street known as Deer Street Extension and is anticipated to finish by the year September 2018.

A theoretical determination of the amount of such reinforcing steel is practically impossible, since it depends on assumptions which are they themselves very doubtful. It is usually conceded that if there is placed in the concrete an amount of steel whose cross-sectional area equals about of 1 per cent of the area of the concrete, the concrete structure will be proof against such cracks. Fortunately, this amount of steel is so small that any great refinement in its determination is of little importance. Also, since such bars have a value in tying the concrete structure together, and thus adding somewhat to its strength and ability to resist disintegration owing to vibrations, the bars are usually worth what they cost. When concrete beams are laid in conjunction with overlying concrete floor-concrete slabs, the concrete for both the concrete beams and the concrete slabs being laid in one operation, the strength of such concrete beams is very much greater than their strength considered merely as plain concrete beams, even though we compute the depth of the concrete beams to be equal to the total depth from the bottom of the concrete beam to the top of the concrete slab.

An explanation of this added strength may be made as follows: If we were to construct a very wide concrete beam with a cross-section such as is illustrated in Fig. 104, there is no hesitation about calculating such strength as that of a plain concrete beam whose width is b, and whose effective depth to the reinforcement is ci. Our previous study in plain concrete beams has shown us that the steel in the bottom of the concrete beam takes care of practically all the tension; that the neutral axis of the concrete beam is somewhat above the center of s a concrete below the neutral axis is to - b -transfer the stress in the steel to the concrete in the top of the concrete beam; and that even in this work it must be assisted somewhat by stirrups or by bending up the steel bars. If, therefore, we cutout from the lower corners of the concrete beam two rectangles, as shown by the non shaded areas, we are saving a very large part of the concrete, with very little loss in the strength of the concrete beam, provided we can fulfill certain conditions. The steel, instead of being distributed uniformly throughout the bottom of the wide concrete beam, is concentrated into the comparatively narrow portion which we shall hereafter call the rib of the concrete beam. The concentrated tension in the bottom of this rib must be transferred to the compression area at the top of the concrete beam. We must also design the concrete beam so that the shearing stresses in the plane (mn) immediately below the concrete slab shall not exceed the allowable shearing stress in the concrete.

We must also provide that failure shall not occur on account of shearing in the vertical planes (m r and n s) between the sides of the concrete beam and the flanges. These will be computed in accordance with straight-line formulate. There are three possible cases, according as the neutral axis is: (1) below the bottom of the concrete slab (which is the most common case, and which is illustrated in Fig. 105); (2) at the bottom of the concrete slab; or (3) above it. All possible effect of tension in the concrete is ignored. For Case 1, even the compression furnished by the concrete between the neutral axis and the underside of the concrete slab is ignored. Such compression is of course zero at the neutral axis; its maximum value at the bottom of the concrete slab is small; the summation of the compression is evidently small; the lever arm is certainly not more than y; therefore the moment due to such compression is insignificant compared with the resisting moment due to the concrete slab. The computations are much more complicated; the resulting error is a very small percentage of the true figure, and the error is on the side of safety.

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