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Salem: A Well Developed Town Of New Hampshire

Salem is one among the towns in the Rockingham province of New Hampshire State in the United States. It caters as a distributing and marketing center for the northern part of Boston.


Salem covers an area of about 25.9 square miles, of that 1.2 square miles is covered by the water body and 24.7 square miles is covered by the land. This town is drained by Policy Brook and Spicket River. The greatest point in this town is the top of Gordon’s Hill that is at the height of about 380 feet above the sea level along with the Salem western border.

It is the initial New Hampshire town detected when traveling northern part from Massachusetts on the Interstate 93. Interstate’s initial 2 New Hampshire exits are located within the Salem town. Through Interstate 93, Boston is situated 35 miles towards the south and the Manchester is located 20 miles towards northwest.


This town government incorporates a town manager and a board of selectmen. As Salem is the section of NH Senate District 22 and incorporate 9 senators to the New Hampshire House. The state representatives of this town are Senate President known as Shuck Morse. The state senators of this town are Anne Priestly, Fred Doucette, Gary Azarian, Robert Elliot, Joe Sweeney and many others.

Schools available for the children of Salem

The public schools invest 5,544 dollars for each student. The moderate school payment in the United States is around 5,678 dollars. There are around 16.1 students per teacher in this town. The high school offered for the students is Salem High School and when it comes to the matter of colleges in this town, there are 3 major colleges can be found in Salem, they are : -

1. American College of History and Legal studies

2. Southern New Hampshire University

3. Mount Washington College

Utilities offered for Salem residents

The division of utilities offers long haul aid for wastewater as well as water services for the society. The water supply and treatment are 2 vital facets of the future. The Canobie Lake Water Treatment amenity literally treats the water supply of Canobie Lake to generate top quality drinking water. This amenity has an ability to offer up to 6.0 million gallons each day.

Sites of Interest: This town entices the tourists towards its attractions. Some of the popular spots in Salem are Salem Rail Trail, Mall at Rockingham Park, Rockingham Park, Canobie Lake Park and America’s Stonehenge.

Although it would be difficult to develop any rule for the proper spacing between bars without making assumptions which are perhaps doubtful, the following empirical rule is frequently adopted by designers: The spacing between bars, center to center, should be two and a-quarter times the diameter of the bars. Fire insurance and municipal specifications usually require that there shall be two inches clear outside of the steel. This means that the concrete beam shall be four inches wider than the net width from out to out of the extreme bars. The data given in Table XVIII will therefore be found very convenient, since, when it is desired to use a certain number of bars of given size, a glance at the table will show immediately whether it is possible to space them in one row; and, if this is not possible, the necessary arrangement can be very readily designed. For example, assume that six 1-inch bars are to be used in a concrete beam. The table shows immediately that the required width of the concrete beam (following the rule) will be 14.72 inches; but if, for any reason, a concrete beam 11 inches wide is considered preferable, the table shows that four i-inch bars may be placed side by side, leaving two bars to be placed in an upper row.

Following the same rule regarding the spacing of the bars in vertical rows, the distance from center to center of the two rows should be 2.25 >< .875 = 1.97 inches, showing that the rows should be, say, two inches apart center to center. It should also be noted that the plane of the center of gravity of this steel is at two-fifths of the distance between the bars. Assume that a 5-inch concrete slab is supporting a load on concrete beams spaced 8 feet apart, the concrete beams haying a span of 20 feet. Assume that the moment of the concrete beam has been computed as 900,000 inch-pounds. What will be the dimensions of the concrete beam if the concrete is not to have a compression greater than 500 pounds per square inch and the tension of the steel is not to be greater than 16,000 pounds per square inch? There is an indefinite number of solutions to this problem. There are several terms in Equation 35 which are mutually dependent; it is therefore impracticable to obtain directly the depth of the concrete beam on the basis of assuming the other quantities; therefore it is only possible to assume figures which experience shows will give approximately accurate results, and then test these figures to see whether all the conditions are satisfied. Within limitations, we may assume the amount of steel to be used, and determine the depth of concrete beam which will satisfy the other conditions together with that of the assumed area of steel. For example, we shall assume that six 1-inch square bars having an area of 4.59 square inches will be a suitable reinforcement for this concrete beam. We shall also assume as a trial figure that x = 1.5.

Substituting these values in the second formula of Equation 35, we may write the second formula: 900,000        4.59 X 16,000 (d-1.5). Solving for d, we find that d = 13.75. If we test this value by means of Equation 36, we shall find that, substituting the values of I, c, r, and s in Equation 36, the resulting value of d equals 18.33. This shows that if we make the depth of the concrete beam only 13.75, the neutral axis will probably be within the concrete slab, and the problem comes under Case 3, to which we must apply Equation 29. Dividing the area of the steel, 4.50, by (b' X d), we have the value of p equals .00348. Interpolating with this value of p in Table XV, we find that when r = 12, k = 2.50; lcd = 3.44; x = 1.15; and d - x = 12.6. Substituting these values in Equation 29, we find that the moment 900,000 = 2,082c, or that c = 432 pounds per square inch. This shows that the unit-compression of the concrete is safely within the required figure.

Are You in Salem New Hampshire? Do You Need Concrete Cutting?

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We Service Salem NH and all surrounding Cities & Towns