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A refreshing holiday to Windham, New Hampshire

Windham is one of the suburb is Rockingham province of New Hampshire of US.As per 2010 census made, the population of the town is estimated to be 13,592 and estimated population as per 2015 census is 14,439.

The geography of Windham, New Hampshire town

As per US census bureau, the town has a total area of 72km2(27.9 sq.miles) out of which 69km2 (26.8 sq.miles) is land and remaining 2.8 km2 (1.1 sq.miles) is of water. It comprise of 3.80% of town. The highest point of town is Jenny’s Hill and it is situated at a height of 154m above the sea level.

All you need to know about transportation The town

The town has 4 state routes and one interstate highway crossing Windham-

• NH 111- This highway is located to the main east-west coast across Windham by following Haverhill Road to the west of the town center.

• NH 111-A – This highway runs from south central Windham. The highway enters the town from Pelham. The route passes through Cobbett’s Pond as well as Canobie Lake along the side of Range Road.

• NH 28 – This highway follow the longer route of Rockingham road along the eastern coast of the town. The highway connects Windham to Salem in South and Derry towards North.

• NH 128 – This passes through western edge of the town and runs through north-south near to the border of Hudson. In fact, it forms a larger part of Mammoth Road.

• Interstate 93- It crosses the town from southeast towards northwest. Exit 3 is the only interchange situated in Windham and it provides access to NH 111.

Recreational services

The town includes a variety of attractions like golf courses, bowling facilities, boating, hunting, fishing, youth recreation programs and yet more services. The fire department of the town works 24/7. Apart from providing emergency services, the fire department also works closely with the community organizations relating to fire prevention units, first aid classes and CPR.

Police department

The police department of the town is entirely full time department that is staffed by 17 personnel which includes a chief, captain, two detectives, 8 patrol officers and two detectives. On the other side, internal assignments comprise of traffic as well as community resource officer. The community resource officer is usually placed in high school and middle school. Both fire and police department are situated at the center of Windham town hall.

The area of each corner section is the square of 28.5 inches, or 812.25 square inches. At 6,000 pounds per square foot, the pressure on such a section will be 33,844 pounds, and the center of gravity of this section is of course at the center of the square, which is 14.25 X 1.414 = 20.15 inches from the corner of the concrete column. A bar immediately under this diagonal line would have a lever-arm of 20.15 inches. A bar parallel to it would have the same lever-arm from the middle of the bar to the point where it passes under the concrete column. Therefore, if we consider that this entire pressure of 33,844 pounds has an average lever-arm of 20.15 inches, we have a moment of 681,957 inch-pounds. Using, as before, the moment equation M. = 80bd2, we may transpose this equation to read b = 80d2. This area of steel will be furnished by five 1k-inch round bars. The diagonal reinforcement will therefore consist of five 11-inch round bars running diagonally in both directions. These bars should be spaced about 4 inches apart. Those that are precisely under the diagonal lines of the square should be about 9 feet 8 inches long; those parallel to them will each be 8 inches shorter than the next bar. The total load of this concrete column is 300,000 pounds. The shear in the concrete footing is of course a maximum immediately under the edges of the concrete column.

The perimeter of the concrete column is four times 28 inches, or 112 inches. The thickness of the concrete footing is something greater than the value found above for d (14.5 inches), and we shall therefore make it, say, and 18 inches. This will mean that the surface area which would need to be punched out if the concrete column were to shear its way through the concrete footing would be 18 X 112 inches, or 2,016 square inches. Since the area of the concrete column is approximately one-ninth of the area of the concrete footing, the shearing force is about eight-ninths of the total load on a concrete column, or it is eight-ninths of 300,000 pounds, which is 266,667 pounds. Dividing this by 2,016, we have about as the shearing force on the concrete of 130 pounds per square inch the concrete footing, ignoring the assistance from the 26 bars in the concrete footing. There is therefore no occasion to provide for shear in such a concrete footing. The intensity of the shear decreases from the maximum value just given, to zero at the edges of the concrete footing. Continuous concrete beams are sometimes used to save the expense of underpinning an adjacent concrete foundation or concrete wall.

These concrete footings are designed as simple concrete beams, but the steel is placed in the top of the concrete beams. Assume that the concrete columns on one side of a building are to be supported by a continuous concrete footing; that the concrete columns are 22 inches square, spaced 12 feet on center; and that they support a load of 195,000 pounds each. If the soil will safely support 6,000 pounds per square foot, the area required for a concrete footing will be 195,000 ± 6,000 = 32.5 square feet. Since the concrete columns are spaced 12 feet apart, the width of concrete footing will be 32.5 ± 12 = 2.71 feet, or 2 feet 9 inches. To find the depth and amount of reinforcement necessary for this concrete footing, it is designed as a simple inverted concrete beam supported at both ends (the concrete columns), and loaded with an upward pressure of 6,000 pounds per square foot on a concrete beam 2 feet 9 inches wide. In computing the moment of this concrete beam, the continuous-concrete beam principle may be utilized on all except the end spans, and thus reduce the moment and therefore the required dimensions of the concrete beam. Many engineers ignore this principle, since it merely increases the factor of safety to do so.

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